Bobbi is a local Bay Area model who I have had the pleasure of working with a couple times. The first time I shot with her, I actually thought I was shooting engagement pictures for her. But it turned out that the engagement was just the theme, and I was actually attending a workshop :)

I had a chance to speak with her and she is super cool and laid back, so I arranged another chance to shoot with her, and I'm glad I did! She makes getting great shots really easy, and working with her was a lot of fun. Bonus points for the fact that she was going to study in Prague for a few months! :)

Though she is a "local" and her brother even goes to my old high school, she spends most of the year across the country, so I haven't had a chance to work with her again. But she is really sweet and "likes" my pictures on Instagram, so I hope that when she is in the area we have a chance to shoot again! :)


Model Mayhem


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